What Does Gold IRA Do: How Can You Reduce Your Retirement Risk?

Your Retirement could be in Peril

It’s impossible to predict the exact moment when the next financial crisis will strike.

You’re taking a big risk if all of your eggs are in the same basket and you have limited diversity in your portfolio. Are you all in stocks and paper assets? It’s the largest stock market bubble in history. Many in the know warn of a possible repeat of 2008’s stock market meltdown. Can you recall the time when trillions were worthless in just 15 month? Many predict that the next crash might be worse.┬áVisit top gold IRA custodians before reading this.

The Once and Former Mighty Dollar

Once, we were world’s largest creditor. Today, the United States has more credit than the entire European Union. Forbes.com claims that the U.S. government is responsible for printing $85 billion each month. It’s easy to see why the dollar is today worth.85C/. China is now taking active steps toward phasing out dollars as the world’s reserve money. When money isn’t trustworthy, the whole system falls apart.

How can investors protect their wealth against disaster and save the dollar from devaluation? One result of the Fed printing all this paper was that the prices for essential commodities have skyrocketed. It shouldn’t surprise that countries such China and Russia are starting to withdraw from the dollar in big numbers and have started hoarding gold.

The Power of Gold

Why gold? Because the price of gold has increased 12 consecutive years. Consider this: There has been no other asset in the U.S.’s history that has seen such a rapid rise. It could be poised to move again soon, despite the fact that it took a hit in 2013 but has remained mostly flat since 2014.

There is long history of gold’s utility as a tool to protect purchasing power. This record is even older than the birth of modern finance. It has not suffered any losses in value for more than five thousand year. Nature’s greatest hard asset is gold. It has intrinsic merit. Since ancient times, gold has been treasured as an investment that can protect against inflation, currency falls, and the decline of the stock markets. Only in 2000 has gold’s worth increased by 365%

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