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You can Learn How to Paint by Watching Video?

What if you have decided to express your inner Monet and don’t know how to differentiate between tones, shades, color, or tints? Please read on to 和諧粉彩 learn how you can get your painting off the ground.

Colors in shades, tints or tones

Tinting leads to White (add Water in Watercolour).


Toning, (desaturating), leads to grey.

Toning an picture on your PC is the same as converting to greyscale. Tones have replaced the colours, which are no longer darker or brighter.

Colour Your World

While we may not always see the colors, when we study a painting, we focus on the shape and tone.

e.g. If you want to make a statement, a green and purple tree are both equally effective.

To tone down a color you can-

Black is a good choice. You may not have any other option.

You can darken with a colour that is closer to blue, or even purple. Adding another color will alter the original colour. If I use dark blue instead of yellow to darken it, the result will be dark green. Black will also make yellow turn green.

The darker colour (eg Cadmium yellow plus Yellow Ochre/Raw Sepia/Sienna, Umber or Sepia), can be bought in a tube.

For blues and violets, the only way to add color is by adding dark earth shades (like burnt umber or Vandyke Brown), black or buying blues/purples already containing black.

Add white/water and yellow. You can also move UP towards yellow.


To Ultramarine Blue add Alizarin Crimson

Sap Green is a great addition to Phthalo Blue

The only way to make yellows lighter or darker is by adding white.

Blue + Brown = grey

It will also make it darker/darker if you place the colored powder on a line.

Then, try it out with your colors.

If you follow the above rules, the outcome should be identical whether your painting is done with acrylics or oil (apart for adding water into the oil paints which will of course not work).