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Why you need to rollover your Gold IRA now more than ever

Silver and gold are the only “real money”. In ancient times, currency that was used in many transactions, at many places, was grain, shells beads, paper, and livestock. It is the representation of actual money and of something with stored-value transfer IRA to gold.

currency (or the US dollar gold) still serves as real money. Its value cannot be measured by the dollar symbol, although it just so happens that it is now represented by paper. A $50 bill would be enough to prove that the paper money is $50. You’d be wrong!

Gold provides stability to the US dollar when it is backed up. It was then that the Gold Standard was removed. This was the beginning the dollar was heading for collapse. (There is still some hope.

Inflation is one of the top reasons why the dollar has lost value. The US government took the decision to eliminate the US currency from its solid protection against market volatility, Gold. The government will continue printing paper money to make ends meet due to the nation’s debt and its expenditures. You ended paying this through your inflation rate and tax (damaging dollar’s purchasing ability). If you continue this, your $100 might be worth only $40.00.

Dollars lose value and are not lost, they just move to other assets like gold.

Invest in Gold NOW

The historic boom in the history of precious metals is coming to an end!

According to many financial analysts, millionaires around the globe who have invested billions in gold (in gold), gold could go up to $5,000 to $10,000 per troy ounce. If you have doubts, do your homework and verify the truth.

Start your investigation starting with the abrogation of the gold Standard, the US national debt, US government size and inflation. This will help you to understand the relationship between the US dollar losing its purchasing strength.


When you rollover gold Iras, you’re acquiring new gold assets in your portfolio. You are making gold part (Ira) and protecting your hard-earned dollars in Ira. By protecting your money through gold and cashing in by using gold, you are killing two birds.

3 simple steps

You can only purchase gold and silver that have been authenticated or certified by the IRS.
You will create a self-directed Ira Account, which will be setup for you by a custodian.
All gold purchased will go into a vault or depository.