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Natural Astrology and Gemstone Therapy

After getting your horoscope completed, now you need to deal with what you learned from the Astrologer. It’s clear that there are both strengths and flaws in the chart. Is there anything you can do? Are there ways to increase strength or counter weaknesses – How to spot fake Moldavite? Yes, there is. Vedic Astrologers can achieve noticeable results quickly by using natural, untreated gems.

Gem therapy is also known as planetary gemology. It dates back centuries to Jewish, Greek and Egyptian cultures. Both men and women would use gems in order to receive the potencies that they had for them. To expand their reach throughout the Kingdoms, Kings and Queens would put gemstones into their crowns. Gems were large and powerful, so they could only be worn by royalty. But gems can still have beneficial effects for the common man.

Indian scriptures (the “Vedas”) contain comprehensive descriptions and practical knowledge of gemstones. These Sanskrit scriptures provide specific information about different gems’ properties, as well the methods of prescribing them for medical or astrological purposes. As a way to guide subtle forces, gems have been used throughout ancient Vedic culture and in other advanced cultures. Today’s technology also recognizes certain gem properties, including quartz crystals for timepieces. Also, diamonds can be found in supercomputers and lasers. Vedic Gem Therapy has helped more than one billion people improve their health, spirituality, and mental well-being. The west seems to have this “new age” notion, since there is very little evidence from western civilizations that this science can be verified. The practice of this science in eastern countries dates back thousands years.

Vedic astrology’s ancient system for Vedic gemology, also known as gem therapy or planetary gemology and used together with one’s Vedic chart to recommend gems, is the basis of the Vedic system. This system, which relies upon the fixed positions and constellations of the stars (the sidereal zodiac), has been extremely accurate. This system provides a precise way to identify a person’s strengths, weaknesses and the future direction of their destiny. These positions reflect our karma, which is the result from past events and previous lives. They are the many energies present in the universe. Every planet controls its own form of cosmic energy, which is sent throughout the entire solar system. These energies transmit energy to form life, and our own bodies. Certain wavelengths and frequencies of energy are received by orbiting planets. These energies help maintain the order of our solar system. These energies transmit as light.

Vedic astrology may also be known by the name “jyotish”, meaning “sciences of light”. The Sun, Moon and Mars are the main cosmic rays that emanate from Earth. They also emit two invisible rays called Rahu (ultraviolet) and Ketu (infrared). These planetary energies are represented by the signs of astrology, which also include the different houses within the astrological chart. This information allows us to see how the energies affect and move within the fields. It is possible to read the seeds from which a seed was taken and understand the quality of each birth. The karma will decide how our lives turn out. You will see the planets’ inherent strengths in some areas, and also weaknesses which may hinder your growth or indicate success.

Vedic astrology has a number of ways to improve the balance and harmony in one’s lives. They can be used in two ways: sound vibrations are utilized, such as through the chanting and enhancing specific wavelengths vibrations.

Different gemstones have different potencies. They receive them from the cosmic energies different planets. These gemstones can transmit different amounts of electromagnetic energy to different planets. The effects they have on people will vary depending on what stone it is. By reflecting light frequencies and absorption, they do this. Some effects can be produced because the electromagnetic energy emanating the gem reacts with that of the body. An analysis by qualified astrologers or planetary gemologists must determine the best gemstones for you.

The practice of randomly placing gemstone crystals throughout the body is a newer age. It can pose a danger if it’s not done correctly and the practitioner has sufficient knowledge. Gem crystals have very high power and are capable of disrupting the body’s electromagnetic fields. These can result in mental and physical disabilities. It is important to be aware of how gemstones should be used. When a gemstone is used incorrectly, it can create disturbances at both a subtle and astral level. If used properly, they can provide a lift to our lives and more potency in all aspects of life, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

An experienced and skilled astrologer (or planetary gemologist) will conduct a Vedic horoscope analysis. They will then recommend a gemstone or several gemstones for you to wear all through your life. To ensure that the gemstone/s are in direct contact with your skin, a ring (or pendant) may be made. They can then transmit their frequencies, also known as electromagnetic energy, more effectively to our bodies. It is achieved by electrolytes (ions) in the cells. It is absorbed via the chakra system, which is a subtle way that the cosmic colours of gems can be absorbed. One of the reasons fingers are the best place to wear gems, is that they contain many nerve centers. Through gemstone therapy we have witnessed amazing effects in peoples’ lives. It is a way to increase energy and strength in order to counter negative karmic influence and maximise positive influences.

Be aware that gems cannot be used to make jewelry for profit. Gems need to be both natural and not synthetic. This means that it is essential to ensure you know the origin of any gems purchased and can guarantee they are untreated. A jeweler may not tell a customer that a gemstone has had its beauty enhanced by heat treatment. However, this practice is accepted and widely used in gem and jewelry trading. At times, we have been forced to inform clients about the limitations of their purchase. It is costly and beautiful. However, the gem has no power to transmit the planetary/cosmic energys. It is based on the ancient science and practice of gemstone therapy that color therapy has evolved into today’s science. There is no need to spend huge amounts to find a gemstone that has the right effects. Your gem will continue to be of great benefit throughout your lifetime.