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Service and Factory Water Heating

Hot water for a factory, service or business is often an important item. It is also very difficult to get hot water from the central heating system. The heating system may not be located close enough to the location where hot water is needed, or there is not enough gas or heat available. Many new models are efficient and productive and are available for large hot-Best Electronic Water Descalers.

Although gas may still be an option, a quality electric water heater is a better choice than gas, which was once the predominant fuel source for this application. A large hyco unit will come with a 30-litre hot water store, so it can have plenty of water ready for immediate use. It can supply hot water to up to six wash basins, or any other outlet that is suitable, at any given time and in a continuous manner. This provides a lot of workability and will suffice for large companies. It is important that the unit has high efficiency. This unit is exceptional because all heat goes into the water.

Some heat loss occurs, but they are negligible due to the excellent insulation. Unvented water supply is the only way the unit can work. This means that it must be directly connected to the mains water supply. For safety reasons, it may be necessary to use a pressure reducer if the mains water pressure is very high. To allow water to expand with heat, the main safety design will require a small water expansion tanks. The piping that runs from the system to the stop taps must be of sufficient length to allow for proper expansion. All standard temperature control systems included.

The advantage of using this system over gas is that it does not emit fumes and doesn’t require annual gas testing or servicing. A three-kilowatt heater provides the usual power consumption. Heating takes place mainly on demand. This allows for efficient heating and very little heat is lost during down times. Although there is a descaling component, it is worthwhile to keep the anode clean on a regular basis in order for the heater to have the longest life possible and provide the greatest heat transfer. This is a cost-effective and professional solution.